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A New Chapter Unfolds: The Website and Book of David Vass


Hello to all my dedicated readers and to those discovering me for the first time,

Today marks a momentous occasion as we announce the release of a brand-new website dedicated to my journey and craft: A space that not only encapsulates my life's work but also introduces you to my book, a testament to the stories I've lived and the tales I've been fortunate enough to tell.

But before we dive deeper into this exciting announcement, I would like to touch upon a topic close to my heart. Starred ratings. These little symbols hold immense power in the world of Amazon and for creators like me. If you decide to grace my book with a starred rating, I kindly request you to be fair. Ensure that you've read the disclaimer and understand the essence of the work before passing judgment. Your fairness and understanding mean the world to me.

Now, a little about me for those unfamiliar with my background. I hail from a lineage of stories and wisdom that my mother once playfully listened to. Over the years, I've donned many hats – Monologist, Performer, Diarist, Writer, and Activist. My eclectic experiences culminated in the creation of the one-person play, "What Could Go Wrong: Musings of an Eccentric Raconteur Who Happened to be at the Right Places at the Right Times." And amidst all these roles, I've been blessed with the love and support of my soulmate and husband, Paul, for forty-six incredible years. Sixteen of these years have been graced with the official stamp of a marriage license. We've seen the world change, and we've evolved with it.

My passion has always been to share, to explain, to narrate. Some say it's a hobby, but for me, it's a way of life – explaining everything to everybody.

My years in show business have granted me the privilege to work behind-the-scenes with some of the industry's finest. I've been a road manager, technical director, and have dabbled in lighting and sound design for over 200 clients. Among them are over fifty Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globe, and Tony award-winning legends and celebrities. Their stories, combined with mine, have woven a rich tapestry of experiences that I'm elated to share with you.

So, as you embark on this journey with me through my website and book, I hope my stories resonate with you, make you laugh, ponder, and most importantly, feel. Here's to new beginnings and to the endless stories that await us!


David Vass

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