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Unveiling Secrets and Stories: LIAR, ALLEGED

In the 50s, gays took on stereotypical roles David Vass did not embrace. “I wasn’t a top, bottom, butch or fem - I scared the shit out of all the homos I met!” Entertaining, humorous, and shocking, he reveals secrets of the record labels (how he became a mafia money runner), juicy, never-before-told anecdotes about legendary celebrities - Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globe and Tony award winners that he technical directed. Over 100 World Class difficult personalities were kept in line by Vass. Many shared their secrets with him.

“At seven, I stopped talking for two years because of a speech impediment and started writing. Diaries were the first of my addictions. I wrote down everything that happened to me for seven decades. These outrageous experiences are the bones of my book; I hope none of the mobsters I knew will leave a horse’s head in my bed!”


David’s story is still relevant, given today’s political backpedaling of our civil liberties. His life is raunchy, hilarious, twisted, and brutally honest. A laugh-out-loud page-turner: gay little boy of the 50s, stumbles into the dangerous world of strip clubs in the 60s where he learned his talent as a technical director. Working the hottest clubs and iconic theatres, record labels lined up to contract him for his ‘celebrity-whisperer’ talents and his connections to the mob in the 70s.


The fun he had in prison; “best sex of my life”, thrills with pills, robbing his mother in drag thinking she wouldn’t recognize him. She did. His salacious adventures in a pre-AIDs world. A homo-hobo, Vass’s mash-up is brutally honest and a cautionary tale laced with inspiration.

David Vass Author, Entertainer - David Vass Author of Liar Alleged
David Vass Author, Entertainer - David Vass Author of Liar Alleged
David Vass Author, Entertainer - David Vass Author of Liar Alleged

Meet the
Enigmatic Author

David Vass comes from a long line his mother once foolishly listened to. He is an accomplished Monologist, Performer, Diarist, Writer, and Activist, as well as the creator of the one-person play, What Could Go Wrong: Musings of an Eccentric Raconteur Who Happened to be at the Right Places at the Right Times. His one-man show is performed at intimate theaters, clubs, private engagements, and festivals in the United States, the UK and Australia. He has been partnered with his soulmate and husband Paul for forty-six years, the last sixteen of which have included a marriage license, finally. David’s hobby is explaining everything to everybody.


During his years behind-the-scenes in show business, he was a road manager, technical director and/or lighting and sound designer for 200+ clients, including over fifty Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globe and Tony award winning legends and celebrities.


A proud member of The Authors and The Dramatists Guilds, David believes there is no such thing as a politically incorrect or unusable word—a word is a word is a word. It is how a word is used that creates its true meaning and can make it glowingly positive and reinforcing, or hateful, demeaning, and mean-spirited. Nipsy Russell, Larry Kramer, Lenny Bruce and many others knew this. He feels our First Amendment rights are in jeopardy and wishes those in the “Woke Movement” who embrace censoring words without taking into consideration how and why they are used (or using one letter and some ***s) would rethink their position.


David’s personal website, ( has a pictorial history of his life over the decades. His LIAR, ALLEGED website ( affords readers an opportunity to keep abreast of current endeavors by joining his mailing list. He adds the occasional pop-up short story and has links for his speaking engagements, book signings, one-person show schedule, and his next book. As a hybrid-published author, he urges readers that enjoy his writing to support him by making their friends aware of his book and via reviews on Amazon, Kindle and Goodreads. Five-star reader reviews look like this ★★★★★ and will bring you great fortune.


Intrigue and Candor
Reviews From the Pros

David Vass Author, Entertainer - David Vass Author of Liar Alleged

A Kirkus Starred Book

David Vass Author, Entertainer - David Vass Author of Liar Alleged

An engrossing show-biz account, deftly mixing sexual energy with poignant character sketches …Vass’ writing is full of brilliantly revealing, nuanced profiles of celebrities, informed by his years of raptly studying their flaws so as to soften them with artifice … a perceptive examination of the truth lying beneath the entertainment industry’s surface fakery … an absorbing account of the art of lighting and sound mixing in stage acts, with many vivid details and acerbic commentary … raucous memoir.

What Readers Are Saying

Reviews: "LIAR, ALLEGED" has left readers captivated and craving for more. Here's what they're saying:

David Vass Author, Entertainer - David Vass Author of Liar Alleged
David Vass Author, Entertainer - David Vass Author of Liar Alleged
David Vass Author, Entertainer - David Vass Author of Liar Alleged
David Vass Author, Entertainer - David Vass Author of Liar Alleged

A note from the author

I’ve never cared much for memoirs and biographies that begin with childhood and work their way up the sequential ladder. I usually skip forward to when ‘whoever’ develops pubic hair. I dig in then, because that’s usually when it becomes interesting, at least for me. I share this to lubricate you, the reader, so my over-sized narrative slides right in, like those books about handsome ice hockey players or bull riders (my newest addiction).


This is my book, warts, cock sucking, bubble butts, strippers, addictions, legendary and horrible celebrities and all the rest. If I’ve lost your attention for a few pages in the ‘necessary’ beginning, take a break and scoot to the ‘Bonus Chapter Celebrity Profiles’ at the end, for a little gossip about said legendary and horrible celebs, then come back to where you left off. Think of the memoir as great sex and the bonus chapter profiles as quick jerk offs in the bathroom, okay?


My chosen writing approach is minimalist, the essence of what I experienced, without loads of gilded descriptive paragraphs – a ‘just the facts, please’ slant. Where more intimate descriptions are required, I opt to use ‘dialogue’, both from my dairies and my memory. Two of my favorite writers are Dominic Dunne and Truman Capote, both of whom also embraced a tailored approach to their work. They give me hope.

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